Thursday, 17 May 2012

Authors Behaving Badly #3

Authors Behaving Badly: When Authors
 React Badly to Negative Reviews and Criticism!

Or: How NOT to Handle Bad Reviews!

When an author puts a book out into the world they must know it's not going to get completely positive feedback. All books, throughout history, from Hamlet to The Da Vinci Code, have people who love them and people who hate them. And most authors handle the negative reviews pretty well (even if they're crying inside).

However, some authors decide that they want to fight their critics. Some get personal. Some get downright nasty. Did someone say car crash?

I was originally going to post one article on this but so many authors have behaved badly that I thought I would make it a weekly feature! I bringz you all the drama every Thursday from authors who have been a little naughty.

3. Kiera Cass has a BAD Agent!

Who is She: Kiera Cass (YA Author)
Who She Responded Badly to: Wendy Darling from book blog The Midnight Garden. 
What Made the Fur Fly: This story is very similar to the Leigh Fallon incident which I posted about last week. Will authors never learn?! Wendy Darling posted a very negative one star review of Cass's book 'The Selection' on Goodreads which found its way to the top of the review pile. And the agent and author of the book were having none of it. However, they, unlike Fallon, took to a much more public forum to try and bump up the positive reviews to hide the negative ones; that good old clothes line full of dirty underwear: Twitter. Here is the conversation they had through the medium of tweets: 

Wendy Darling also started getting some interesting 'Anonymous' comments on Goodreads....which seemed a little suspicious. Hmm. I'm saying nothing. Here they are in all their glory: 

What other authors can learn from this: DON'T SLAG OFF REVIEWERS ON TWITTER. It will never end well and you will isolate a lot of readers. And get an Agent who won't splash your bizzniss all over the second most popular social networking tool on the globe. Oops.

Previous Authors Behaving Badly:
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2. Leigh Fallon


  1. Oooh that's terrible. Especially that conversation between the two of them. They sound like sore losers. Almost makes me never want to buy another one of her books again. Also, just FYI, Elena Roth is an agent, not a publicist.

    1. Thanks for telling me! I've changed it to agent now! I know what you mean- I want to read The Selection but I do feel a little guilty! x

  2. First of all, your idea is amazing! As dedicated readers who invest tons of money into this industry, (I feel) we should be informed when authors are not acting on their best behavior when it comes to bashing fellow reviewers. That is the type of attitude I do not and will not support. Second of all, Kierra Cass and her agent, publicist, or whatever she is sound horrible. You would think they would understand that everyone isn't going to love everything. I can honestly say after reading this post, I have no plans to read anything from this author.

  3. I love this series. Laughing at douchebags is always fun.

    But on a more serious note, I can (somewhat) see where these authors come from. These books are their babies. They've invested a lot of time and love in them, and when someone says it's not a good book, they feel like someone's calling their baby an ugly troll. Pride of ownership and all that. But really, any sane person knows that that kind of behavior only hurts your cause--and the interwebs is forever. This kind of crap is something you can't live down, because there will always be a record of it.

  4. I can't believe an author would do this! All of the authors I know are such lovely, genuine people, and when they get a bad review ... yeah, I'm sure it stings a little ... but they respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that not everyone likes the same thing.
    This is dreadful.

    I am, very unashamedly, going to read the book though. I got a copy for review, and I intend to make up my own mind about the book. Lets see if I drum up similar goodreads comments if I don't like it :P
    I'm joking about the comments, of course - but I do want to see what I make of it on my own terms.

    Pen to Paper

  5. This was one of the first that I was personally witness to, and which I really took to heart. I consider Wendy a blogger friend, and she is a wonderful and sweet person who always reaches out to others in the community, is inclusive, generous, and uplifting. Her review was honest, and even though she disliked this book, those involved needed to respect that and get over it. There were enough people that did like this book that this shouldn't have mattered. As was, I specifically chose not to read this book because of this incident, and I had very much wanted to previously.

  6. This is one of the reasons why I'm still wondering if I give the book a try or not.. Everybody has the right to have an opinion and yeah, sometimes it's a negative one. I don't like it when people can't handle that.. It's not that her review was mean or something like that.

  7. thats the only reason why i cant read it because of this. but oh well. they really do look like a sore loosers talking on twitter like that. and that comment of Anonymous is just pathetic. Get over it. yeah.


  8. First, I love this feature! This is such a great idea and I hope you do this for a long while lol
    I was very hesitant to read this book because of this whole agent fiasco. What they did was definitely wrong! I did just read this book last week though and had fun, but it wasn't the best book or anything. But I got it from the library because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Also, I didn't read it because of goodreads or amazon or anything, but because of good reviews from bloggers I trust and read often.

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  9. O, wow. I've heard of this incident, but didn't know that the agent in question is Elana Roth. I've been following her on Twitter for publishing advice before all this happened. Now I'm not sure that I want to listen to advice from someone who treats readers like that.

  10. WOW!
    Thats crazy!!
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There have been MANY books that I didnt like and couldnt even finish, that others LOVED and books that I loved that others hated. It doesnt mean the book is bad or good. They are opinions. But it DOES look bad on the author and agent when they treat readers/reviewers like that!
    So sad!
    But thanks for sharing!!!!

  11. I hadn't even heard about this whole thing until I went on Kiera's website and stumbled upon a random comment that someone using the handle "Ashamed of You" left. The person wrote "I think you should be ashamed of yourself. Just read what you have done to Wendy Darling. Instead of acting with class, you acted like a monster. You are an ugly person."

    In response Kiera wrote:

    "Hi, Ashamed. Sorry to call you that, but it's all I've got.

    I'm very sorry to have offended you. The entire incident that unfolded on twitter/goodreads kind of sucked. You’re right, it wasn’t pretty. But I want to clarify a few things, and I hope you’ll hear me out. If you go back and look, you'll see my agent did the name calling, not me, and I hope that you can tell from my videos/posts/twitter feed that I'm not a malicious person. What Elana said was done in haste and wasn't appropriate, and she apologized for it. I've also written to Wendy multiple times apologizing, and I keep hoping she'll write me back. So far, no luck, but I’m still optimistic..."

    There was more to the response but honestly it's sad that her publicist acting on her own called someone else a bitch and Kiera is the one with the fallout. She is a good author and it sucks that she allowed that kind of commentary on a such a public forum. If anything, people should be ashamed of her for that, not for what someone else said.

  12. Thats why if you want to vent, don't do it in writing

  13. My heart actually sped up in anger when she called her "a Disney character." What AUTHOR doesn't know that Wendy Darling is a Barrie character? Oh the ignorance!!!!!

    I really hate when GR authors slobber all over their own work, you know, hugging it and kissing it and coddling it and 5 starring it and singing it to sleep like an ickle baby. They just can not let the work stand on its own. It's dishonest and unethical.

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