Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Book Quotes!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weakly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week a different topic comes up and bloggers list their top ten books in that category. I love a good list...I've always said that. That's practically my catchphrase.

Top Ten Favourite Book Quotes!

I really enjoy a good quote. Although I do think most quotes don't actually mean much because they are taken out of context...but oh well they are still lovely! I have realised my emo side in this post...I mainly like quotes that make me sad. Also, I cheated a little and used poetry too!

Quote is From: 'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt
Why I Love This Quote: I love Donna Tartt and 'The Secret History' is one of my favourite books of all time. For me, this quote is memorable, dramatic, and resonates with me.

Quote is From: 'Wise Children' by Angela Carter

Why I Love This Quote: Angela Carter is one of the greatest writers of all time and her books are seriously special. When I think of them I think of glamour, sparkles, feathers, sex, smeared lipstick. For me, this quote sums up that aspect of her novels and I love it.

Quote is From: 'Piazza Place' by John Crowe Ransom (Poem)
Why I Love This Quote: OK so this isn't really a quote...more of a whole poem! I just love this poem...I think of the first stanza as being spoken by Death which is quite morbid but I love the image it creates!

Quote is From: 'Mad Girls's Love Song' by Sylvia Plath

Why I Love This Quote: OK I may have done it again...this is a whole poem rather than a quote! I just love it...it is so sad and just forces you to feel something when you read it. 

Quote is From: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' by J.K Rowling
Why I Love This Quote: This quote puts a lump in my throat every time. I adore Snape's cuddly side and the simplicity of this conversation between him and Dumbledore is so heartbreakingly sad. Love it.

Quote is From: 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' by T.S Eliot.
Why I Love This Quote: This is an extract from the long poem by T.S Eliot. I love this poem, in which a man is depicted who is awkward and unsure. I love the last stanza above especially.

Quote is From: 'The Circus Animals Desertion' by W.B Yeats

Why I Love This Quote: I love the imagery. I love the idea that poetry and literature is born of other people's scraps all jumbled together and the heart itself is a 'rag and bone shop'. 

Quote is From: 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak
Why I Love This Quote: I think there has been a theme in this post that suggests I love quotes that make me sad...and this is probably the one that I cried the most tears over. It is beautifully written and so gorgeous, just like the rest of the book.

Quote is From: 'Everything is Illuminated' by Jonathan Safran Foer
Why I Love This Quote: I love everything JSF has ever written...I think he writes in the most achingly beautiful, poetic style and I find his novels rich and sumptuous. This quote is from one of my favourite characters and I just...ahhh.

Quote is From: 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte:

Why I Love This Quote: It is timeless. Jane, so proper, so quiet, just needs love to bring out this passionate speech...which has me in tears every time. So lovely. Also, I love this delivery by Ruth Wilson and think she brings it to life perfectly:

Those are the top ten quotes that I can think of...I'm sure I've forgotten so many! Let me know if you love any of these or what your favourites are!


  1. I totally forgot to put any Harry Potter quotes on my list - though there are plenty of awesome ones I could have picked!

    Great list and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for these great quotes. It is fascinating to me to see such a great variety of favorite quotes here around the blogosphere today!

    Here's my
    Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes.
    Hope you'll stop by!

  3. Beautiful quotes! I love Angela Carter and both the quote you chose and your description of her are so spot-on. She's the perfect mix of grit and beauty.

    Funnily enough, I just started reading "The Secret History" and had already dog-eared that quote to use in my review! It certainly is eye-catching (and the book itself is great so far).

    Thanks for sharing your quotes!

  4. Ohhh that Harry Potter quote! Definitely one of my favourites from the entire series :D

  5. Looove the Dumbledore/Snape moment and the Sylia Plath poem. I really need to read The Secret History. It sounds exactly like my sort of book.

  6. I am now beside myself with The Book Thief quote. Let me go cry some more because of that book... The HP quote will always catch a lump in my throat, too <3 It's just so powerful, the word Always.

    New Follower!
    My TTT!

  7. Love your HP quote, and I very nearly used that Jane Eyre quote myself! Haven't read the others yet, but I enjoyed your descriptions about why you like each quote.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  8. Ahh you quoted POETRY! Love! Those two are some of my fav poems and yes, I love the JSF quote so much. Fantastic list!

  9. What an awesome selection of quotes, poems and excerpts! I can tell you really enjoyed compiling this list. There are some that I know, and some I don't, but I really enjoyed reading them all. And I think you formatted this post beautifully, btw:) I think I now know who to come to when I need a good poetry recommendation:))

  10. Oh man . . . The Book Thief! I tried so hard not to cry, but I just could help myself. Such a good book, isn't it?!

  11. Oh you made me cry with the Harry Potter one! *sniff sniff* Those books are awesome. Thanks for sharing the quote! I have to say that I haven't read most of these and will be checking them out. Thanks for stopping by my page!

  12. Fab quotes! Second time today I've seen that Snape/Dumbledore exchange in a TTT - it really is brilliant! If you'd like to check out mine, they're here.

  13. This is a great list. SNAPE. Gets me every time.

    And I seriously must run to the library and read The Book Thief already! what a beautiful quote. Check out our TTT :-)

  14. That quote from The Book Thief, ag! So beautiful <3

  15. I literally had chills as I read your choice for Harry Potter quote.. LOVE that one. Chills.. right now just thinking about it as I'm commenting here!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Michele | Top 10

  16. FANTASTIC Harry Potter quote, and the others are awesome too besides the HP one my second favourite is the Jane Eyre one :)
    Thank you for dropping by my Top10 post :)

    Happy Blogging & Reading!

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  17. save for Harry Potter, all these books are new to me. i just might check them out! ;)

  18. Of course I love the machine speech from Jane Eyre. And I'm reading The Secret History right now for the first time! There are many beautiful passages.

  19. The Book Thief Quote is PERFECT! I can't believe I didn't add a quote from it!

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