Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cover Reveal: 'Life & Death of Lily Drake' by T. Michelle Nelson

Title: Life and Death of Lily Drake
Author: T. Michelle Nelson

I meant to post this on May 10th but it completely slipped my mind...whoops!

Plot Synopsis:

When single mom Lily Drake mistakes a vampire for her blind date, she will soon find the biggest surprise of all isn’t that he is well dressed and handsome.   The manly immortal on her arm has been watching Lily since she was a child.  Being the only offspring born of two human bloodlines known for making the strongest and most fierce vampires, Lily has been prophesied as the savior for the entire vampire society. 

Simply making ends meet, raising her son and keeping her name out of the PTA gossip mill had always kept Lily’s hands full, but now she must also fight to stay alive.  Vampire society pushes for her to join their ranks, yet the undead who fell from the society’s path want her dead.  Choosing between humanity and immortality is only one hard decision that befalls Lily. 

The Life and Death of Lily Drake is the story of a single mom, the humorous mistakes a newly single divorcee makes when reentering the dating scene, and the choices a woman makes between love and family.

The Cover

I think this cover is quite sinister! The girl is smiling while holding a knife covered in blood...very creepy! This book sounds exactly like that though;  cute chick lit meets bloody vampires. It reminds me of the idea behind upcoming book 'Nightshifted'- other wordly creatures invade the domestic world. I haven't read anything like them before and I am happy to give them a go!


  1. You're so right, it is a bit sinister! I haven't heard of the book or author but you have me interested now!

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