Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Authors Behaving Badly #7

Authors Behaving Badly: When 
Authors React Badly to Negative Reviews and Criticism!

Or: How NOT to Handle Bad Reviews!

When an author puts a book out into the world they must know it's not going to get completely positive feedback. All books, throughout history, from Hamlet to The Da Vinci Code, have people who love them and people who hate them. And most authors handle the negative reviews pretty well (even if they're crying inside).

However, some authors decide that they want to fight their critics. Some get personal. Some get downright nasty. Did someone say car crash?

I was originally going to post one article on this but so many authors have behaved badly that I thought I would make it a weekly feature! I bringz you all the drama every Thursday from authors who have been a little naughty.

7. Jamie McGuire's Dignity is a Beautiful Disaster

Who Is She: Jamie McGuire, Self-Published Author.

What She Responded Badly To: a review of her novel 'Beautiful Disaster' published on Amazon by Wendy Knight 

What Made the Fur Fly: Well, it starts as a disagreement about genre. Here is the review that begins the chain of crazy:

  • McGuire decided the best way to handle this negative review was to ignore it and move on with her life. LOL, nah she went all snarky in the comment section regarding the genre of her novel. She doesn't mind a bad review. She is a laid back woman. Nooo what she is angry about is the mis-classification of her novel as YA rather than Contemporary Romance. Surrre she is. Here is the conversation between author and reviewer in all its glory:

  • I just want to interject here to comment on how irritating it is when an author disregards a reviewers opinion by saying 'YOU READ IT WRONG'. You didn't. You read what was in front of you and interpreted it. Once an author has published a book they cannot determine how people read it. There is a whole field of literary criticism devoted to this subject so maybe McGuire needs to do some revision. Let us continue:

  • So that was that. However, it seems strange that an author who is so against their novel being put into a certain category would ask people to vote for it in that very category in a competition on Goodreads:

  • Jane from Dear Author calls her out on it and Jamie again strikes back:

  • There are more comments between these two, but they are mainly related to past bad blood between them and are really more of the same so I couldn't be bothered screencapping it all. However this comment from Jamie stood out to me:

I hate it when authors accuse bloggers of being unprofessional. Bloggers aren't professionals are they?! Authors are professionals. Why do authors not know that!? Jame McGuire is a smelly douchebag. Still not unprofessional.

Apparently, McGuire also took all of this the social networking sites and posted about other reviews and reviewers on her blog. And APPARENTLY things got even uglier, but I cannot find hide nor hare of these posts anywhere on the interwebz so I suppose they were deleted. Unless someone can dig them up for me or point me in their direction we will never get to see them. We must bear it.

I think Jamie McGuire has an attitude problem. Let me know if you agree.

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  1. Oh wow. I won this book in a giveaway but thank g-d I didn't use my own money! I wouldn't like to support someone who's been acting like this.
    P.S I absolutely adores these post, I like how its a mixture of known and unknown authors too.

  2. Lol she didn't like getting called out for encouraging ppl to vote for her book for that YA award on Goodreads!!! Tough Sh*t Jamie, you're the one who went on and on that it wasn't a YA book, while you were trying to win a YA award! Get over it, you were called out!!

    Anyhow I never read the book (and now I never will) but does anyone know is the relationship in the book really abusive?

    1. Not really I however understand how everyone fusses over the fact it is abusive . Some people think its emotional abuse because at one point of the book there was a scene let me make this point first before k describe you the scene. You know how you read books or watch romance shows, movies and there is a womanizer the girl is attracted to the guy who she is friends with but won't go there with him because he is a womanizer and does not want to be treated as dirt the next morning after and we have the guy who likes the girl but thinks she's too good for him so tries to put his attraction and need in a leash. That was what was going on between Abby and Travis, abbey treated Travis different like a human being not a sex toy she wants to jumps which got Travis attracted to her anyway back to the scene Travis kiss Abby , Abby is staying at his apart due to her pipe bursting at dorm the kiss is that moment were friendship out window he then leaves because he thinks fuck what have I done . Abbey waits for him only then to hear Travis drunk with another girl in the living room having sex obviously Abbey feels hurt then the girl leaves Travis flings himself on his bed which Abbey was waiting they share the same bed no sex though right Abbey feels sick cannot stand to see Travis leaves the bedroom cries sleeps in the living room on the floor, in morning tells her friend she needs to go because she cannot stand to see Travis. Travis was out comes back with groceries all of food Abbey likes behaving like the whole I had a one night stand never happened happy voice telling Abbey what he Bo ught. Abbey doesn't want fuss she's emotionally exhausted so lies to Travis that the bags she has are dirty laundry and she's going to dorm to wash it. Abbey friends says why did u not just told him Abbey claims that she doesn't like confrontation or goodbyes. Travis calls Abbey never answers he asks Abbey friend whats going on she tells him he tries calling abbey again nothing he gets mad this throws a tantrum smashes his phone pulls the curtains off basically rips his room apart. That's the physical and emotional abuse now I am not taking sides I found that part weird but its violent not abuse its not even emotional abuse . he not once hit her say horrible things believe me I know what emotional abuse is I never found any in this book. At times in the book he turned up at Abbey date with another guy interrupt it by saying he had a big fight so he needed moral support when the fight was not big you could point out that is multiplication but Abbey guessed it was not a big fight soon as they went out the restaurant she could have went back , if it was multiplication it would have came in her brain oh I don't want go then she would have reassured herself then forced herself to go but that whole processes never happened because she wanted to go. I could be wrong because its my point a view . I agree with this blog about Jamie making fuss about YA when she got the award and the book did feel YA. but the word Abuse means different to everyone some people would find beautiful disaster abusive. its like me I like spicy food too me extremely spicy food where your eyes go watery is spicy everything else is mild for others two chillies is extremely spicy . My point is I have a different definition of abusive that those not mean I make excuses for abusive behaviour. what I suggest is you read the book you don't want to pay for it go on google type it up, borrow it go on epub bud but read it you can't judge a book by its cover if then your opinion matches others then that's your choice at least then you can say it was not your cup of tea .
      I hope I made things clearer if not sorry in advance.

  3. I still can't get over the nah nanny nah nah behavior of some of these authors...write it, put it out there, read or don't read the reviews...and shut up. You can't control what others think.
    I too love these posts...they help me cull out the authors I also will never waste my time reading. There are just way too many good books and nice authors out there.

  4. Actually authors are after hard working complete written a story or novel but if any mistake is in the book so then publics are many more times criticism to author, so in that case authors are behaving badly. So thanks for sharing a perfect emotions and I will definitely visit again this website.

  5. But I must say, from all the bad behaviours I've seen so far, this one is the least. She doesn't call anyone names, but I don't like how snarky she is telling that it's not a YA and that there is no abuse: just saying out loud that the reviewer is lying.

  6. I don't know that this qualifies as Bad Behaviour, but to each her own. Also, there's quite a lot of back-and-forth on what to do with college-aged characters in fiction; most agents and publishers agree Young Adult is strictly high school through age 17/18. I personally like books on late teens/early 20s but I do have to agree that I don't tend to view those as YA either. It's quite a gray area, and I can actually understand the author's viewpoint that she didn't write it that way, but other people have viewed it as such.

    As for the abuse elements, I can't comment because I haven't read it. I think it's wonderful when authors and reviewers can engage in discussion over books, but authors need to watch how they phrase things; getting defensive, while a natural reaction, leads to posts like this!

  7. Yeah just reading BD now and really don't see this as paticularly bad behavior. She tried very hard to be polite when stating she never intended it to be YA and so what if she then got excited about being up for an award. I think the reviewer was quite unessarily rude telling her she should relingish her chance at the award was just trolling.

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