Thursday, 7 June 2012

Books in the News: The Google Image Dictionary

Google Image Dictionary

I came across this story a little while ago and really liked the idea behind it!

What It's All About:  'London-based artists Heyes and West took the typical 21,000 words found in an average dictionary, and then ran every word through Google Images.

They threw whatever the first result was for each word straight onto the page, giving what they describe as an 'unfiltered, uncritical record' of human culture in 2012.

The result is a 1,240-page tome, printed out and bound together, with the Google logo embossed in gold on the front.'

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Pictures of the Book: 

I would really love a copy of this book. Particularly because it is completely unedited and shows an interesting side of words and the internet in 2012. 

'Ben West told the Creative Applications Network: 'I would estimate about half of the book is revolting medical photos, porn, racism or bad cartoons.

'It’s really an unfiltered, uncritical record of the state of human culture in 2012.'

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Although this book is a one-off at the moment, the students who made it hope to make it into a paperback version in the near future. I will definitely be buying a copy!


  1. How cool is this! I'd buy a copy as well...I use Google images sometimes and I've seen some of what comes up...very interesting how society defines itself. What would be even more interesting is to do a book like this every year or every 5 a Guinness Book or see how the definitions change over time :)

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    2. Very interesting book. Students have done great job. We are also looking for its paperback version at CV Writing Company and also will suggest to students to follow this Google Image Dictionary

  2. I keep hearing about the Google Image Dictionary but I hadn't actually read what it's about or how it came to be. This is so interesting! I think I'd be equal parts fascinated and frightened to find out what all the pictures are. ;) I would imagine getting it to full publication/market would be a hefty process if they have to get the rights to all those photos.!

  3. What an awesome idea! I wouldn't mind owning one of these as well.

  4. Oh my gosh - this is so unbelievably cool! I hadn't heard of this before now! Fantastic post, thank you for introducing me to this! :D

    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

  5. I heard of this sometime in the last week, but these are the first photos that I've seen of it. I love the cover! I think this is an interesting idea and concept. I probably wouldn't buy it, but I'd sure love to flip through it at some point.