Monday, 27 August 2012

Mailbox Monday!

Mailbox Monday!


Mailbox Monday is a where we share the books we acquired in the week whether bought, borrowed or stole...or sent from a publisher! It is hosted by a different book blog each month; more details can be found here: Mailbox Monday. 

The host for August's Monday Mailbox is '5 Minutes for Books'

Books I Bought

This is progress you are about to witness. No physical books bought. Not a one. Just a couple of teeny tiny e-books for review and maybe a couple or two for the road and all that.

E-Books For Review:

Title: Crewel
Author: Gennifer Albin

Thank you, thank you, thank you Macmillan! I requested this on NetGalley a while ago and I was crossing my fingers I would get approved closer to release date and I DID! Can't wait to read this- I have been lusting after it for quite a while.

Title: The Shadow Society
Author: Marie Rutkoski

Again, Macmillan you have rocked my world. I think this book looks awesome and the cover intrigues me. It intrigues me good.

Title: The Time Keeper
Author: Mitch Albom

I love the cover of this novel so much! I did not like 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' when I read it many years ago, but I am willing to give Mitch a second chance for such a beautiful cover!

E-Books Purchased:

These books were on sale for under £1 so I didn't feel too bad buying them!

Title: A Most Improper Magick
Author: Stephanie Burgis

I really love the cover of this book! I enjoy a nice pale blue on occasion, and I think a children's book set in Regency England about witches sounds awesome.

Title: Faery Tales and Nightmares
Author: Melissa Marr

I have heard good things about this story collection, so I thought I would get it while it' And cheap.

That was all I got this week. I am happy I controlled myself for once. Let's hope next week is just as meagre.


  1. Congratulations on not buying any books! lol The Shadow Society catches my eye. Enjoy!!

  2. Enjoy! your reading week.

  3. Crewel has a gorgeous cover! I can't wait to see reviews for it!