Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'Waiting On' Wednesday!


"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're salivating for.

My "Waiting On" Wednesday selection this week  is...

Title: In the Shadow of the Banyan
Author: Vaddey Ratner
Release Date: August 7th, 2012

Why I'm excited about it

Firstly, I adore this cover. I love the colours and just think it would be beautiful. The plot sounds good and sad and meaty; perfect for when I'm in a more serious mood :-)

What it's about... 

You are about to read an extraordinary story. It will take you to the very depths of despair and show you unspeakable horrors. It will reveal a gorgeously rich culture struggling to survive through a furtive bow, a hidden ankle bracelet, fragments of remembered poetry. It will ensure that the world never forgets the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979, when an estimated two million people lost their lives. It will give you hope, and it will confirm the power of storytelling to lift us up and help us not only survive but transcend suffering, cruelty, and loss.

For seven-year-old Raami, the shattering end of childhood begins with the footsteps of her father returning home in the early dawn hours, bringing details of the civil war that has overwhelmed the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Soon the family’s world of carefully guarded royal privilege is swept up in the chaos of revolution and forced exodus. Over the next four years, as the Khmer Rouge attempts to strip the population of every shred of individual identity, Raami clings to the only remaining vestige of her childhood— the mythical legends and poems told to her by her father. In a climate of systematic violence where memory is sickness and justification for execution, Raami fights for her improbable survival. 

Let me know which books you're looking forward to!


  1. That is a beautiful cover! I would love to read a novel with some Cambodian history - what a tragic past. Thank you for sharing, I'm adding this to my TBR list!

    My WoW

  2. Agree - the cover is gorgeous and it sounds sad but rich in history at the same time. Definitely going to be on the lookout for it's release.

  3. The plot does sound good. I agree the cover is gorgeous. Good pick and thanks for putting it up!


  4. Okay, so I know enough about Cambodian history to tell me this will be too sad for me to read. But the cover is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  5. Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can see it here: http://booksteame.com/2012/07/04/and-three-awards-later/ =)

  6. That is such a lovely cover, I would definitely pick that up if I saw it at the store/library!

  7. Hi, great blog! I am a new follower and would love a follow back!